Image Tool Kit

Rs. 4,100

Tool Kit

  • Tool kit helps in doing photo correction, photo finishing (Skin Touching), photo cutting, jewelry highlighting.
  • This also helps to change the dress color perfectly
  • All the work related to photo correction, finishing and highlighting are time consuming and needs expert abilities to finish it up perfectly on time, this software will ease the entire thing for you.

Product Description

Tool Kit


With the help of this, photo correction becomes an enjoyable task, it will correct lighting, color cast and under-cover details automatically.

Background Changer

Background changer ease the entire process of changing background effortlessly. Easy and fast surfing of backgrounds can be done effortlessly with the help of Background Changer

Effect Factory

In effect factory more than 500 ready-made photo effects are there, it will apply on image or on any type of layer Imager. It will identify skin area automatically, made skin touching as per hardness, automatically identify cloths, eyes jewelry and apply sharpen on it.

Jewelry Highlight

With the options available in software, user can add some of the finest and professional looks to photographs.

Inside Imager

Inside Imager software is the world best solution for photo finishing. It will identify skin area automatically and made skin touching as per hardness. Our software will identify hair details and give contrast on it. It automatically identify cloths, eyes jewelry and apply sharpen on it.


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